Why Do I Want It?

Why do I want CalcWIND™? What are the benefits for me and what can I do with this application?
  • I want a sense of energy independence.
  • I want to learn more about the wind.
  • I have always wanted my own wind turbine.
  • I have always wanted a really cool Wind App.
  • I want to do my own preliminary site assessment.
  • I want to know how soon my wind investment will pay me.
  • I want to know if wind power makes sense on my site... before I invite professionals to do a full scale evaluation.

  • Get CalcWIND™ Here

    • Download CalcWIND™ now! Click here to go to the Apple Store to download the CalcWIND™ application.
    • Download CalcWIND™ from your iPhone. Tap the App Store icon on your iPhone or iPad and download it directly.

    Instructions for downloading from your iPhone or iPad:

    • Tap: “Search”
    • Type: “calcWIND”
      calcWIND will show up on your screen.
    • Tap: the [$amount] in the blue box.
      Follow directions on your display.

    Watch our website for user tips, frequently asked questions, and more useful information.