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3rd Energy makes knowledge accessible.

3rd Energy provides reliable and accurate – easy to use – smart device Applications in support of the Renewable Energy industry. Our Applications are used by educators and industry professionals, as well as those interested in learning more about renewable energy – to provide realistic and accurate information when considering installations of wind, solar, and other renewable energy products.

calcWIND™ is the Swiss army knife of wind power applications.

Wind power is very difficult to accurately assess. Who hasn’t heard “if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute”? calcWIND integrates velocity, air density, turbulence, wind sheer, eight cardinal directions, and others in one easy and fun to use application. 3rd Energy has done the research to make your experience enjoyable and educational, and provided a means to estimate whether your combination of wind turbine and wind resource could be profitable. This is a professional level product used by the novice, student, and educator, as well as professionals in wind technology.

calcWIND works “forward”: it accepts estimates of the “wind regime profile” and converts them into an estimae of (1) cost per kWh and (2) break-even point. there are info buttons that describe where the number as shown came from.

calcWIND optionally experts a .txt file for subsequent use in a spreadsheet. there is embedded email by which to advise the developers of math errors (such as in the Weibull Probability Distribution or the Present Value function,) bugs, and suggestions for improvement.

calcWIND also works “backward.” Once a turbine is defined, it accepts an output denominated as kWh, MWh, GWh, or as TW and returns the number of turbines necessary to generate that much energy.

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